You want to stage a fantastic event and wow your delegates, but there’s always compromises to make when you’re working within a budget. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the impression you want. A tight budget just demands that you’re clever about cutting corners that won’t be noticeable – and make sure your money goes as far as you can stretch it. Here are some breed events top tips to help you.


Be strategic about your venue

In an ideal world, you’ll throw your event in the coolest place in town with awe-inspiring AV and surroundings to die for. Of course, if you don’t have a budget to match, that ain’t going to happen. Instead, you need to choose somewhere that will meet the needs of your project, and be accessible and suitable for your guests. At breed events, we work with a great selection of venues, carefully choosing those that we know respond fast to enquires, deliver outstanding customer service and have the layout and facilities the project demands. You can find incredible spaces at which to produce your event, venues that you may never have considered, places that will suit you perfectly. It just requires professional knowledge and insight to find them.


Invest in tech

If you need to add an audio-visual element to your event or want to present ideas, products or services on screen, you need reliable technology. We don’t suggest you go all out to get the very latest gadgets on the market but do make sure the kit you are using works correctly. There’s nothing worse than suffering through a presentation with a squeaky speaker system or looking at a blurry projection. Make sure your audience can see and hear what’s going on by getting reliable tech and having a dedicated AV technician to help you. A good AV technician is a worthy investment as, if anything goes wrong, you’ll need to sort it fast.


Future-proof your event branding


When you are putting together design materials, think about how they could work at multiple events. Try to communicate your business messages so clearly that they will resonate anywhere you take them. By capturing your company ethos, articulating your services and demonstrating your significant point of difference, you’ll have materials that can be used time and again. If you avoid using a specific date, venue or sponsor information on these items, they’ll be ready to use again. You’ll free up funds to put elsewhere at your next event.


Eliminate food waste

Negotiating the catering for your event can be a minefield if you are not experienced in such deals. Be careful about mentioning attendance numbers if they are not definite and could be subject to change. Often businesses predict they’ll have a higher turnout than they get, and the venue considers this ballpark figure as the minimum number of guests to cater for. The result is that you are left with wasted food that cost you a fortune. Of course, nobody wants to run out of refreshments for their visitors, but you need to plan ahead to manage this balance. Also, make sure you taste the food before committing to the catering. You don’t want your delegates to be so busy complaining about the food and drinks served that they don’t discuss the idea and messages you were trying to convey.


If you want to find out more about how to make your event spend go further, contact breed events today. We’re ready to help your event idea become a reality.