If you are planning to put on an event, you may be tempted to go it alone. But before you take the plunge, consider the reasons why the most successful businesses hire an event expert to ensure their events will be remembered for all the right reasons. Handling the event in-house can waste time and money you don’t have, and the results can be underwhelming. Here’s a look at why events experts are worth their weight in gold.

  1. Time is precious

If events aren’t your business, why are you taking time out of the important work you do so you can dabble in this difficult job? When you work with an event expert, you’ll simply give them your brief at the beginning of the project, then they’ll go off to meet with venues and suppliers, collaborate with your marketing team and keep everybody in the loop. They free you up to continue working in your job, confident in the knowledge that a wonderful event is being organised in the background. Don’t worry, the final say is always yours, and you’ll be able to give the final sign off knowing that you didn’t need to lift a finger.


  1. They understand budgets

If you think hiring an event expert is an expense you don’t need, you need to change your perspective. Far from being a drain on your resources, these talented pros know how and where to cut costs, while preserving the project. An event expert has a network of suppliers that suit different clients and budgets so that they can get you the best person for the money you want to spend. Need to negotiate down? Doing deals is second nature to these folks, and they know where you can afford to cut corners without making an unholy mess of the whole shebang.


  1. R.O.I is a top priority

Sorry to break this to you, but there are far too many businesses putting on events that do nothing for them at all. A good events expert will drill down to what your business goals for the project are, and advise you on how best to realise them. They’ll take the time to understand your product or service, find out how to measure the return on investment, and ensure each decision moves you closer to the end goal. You  can be sure that your event won’t merely be an exercise in getting your name out there, but adds significant value to your brand.


  1. Protect the vision


Have you ever tried to make a decision by committee? If so, you’ll understand how quickly a simple idea can get lost thanks to the input of others. That’s fine if you’re brainstorming, but not great if you are trying to realise your vision of the event. As the gatekeeper of the whole project, the event expert will keep everyone focused on the original objective for the


event. They can manage stakeholders and their expectations, ensure staff and suppliers meet your brief and help you pivot or evolve to get the ROI you want. What they won’t allow is for other people to get heavy-handed and shift the focus. While they are in charge, your vision is safe.



  1. They sweat the small stuff

Let’s not mince words – events are stressful. We know that as the host, you’ll have plenty of things to worry about and you’ll need to be well-rested and on good form to be at your best. By hiring an event expert, you can be confident that everything will be running like clockwork, and if something goes wrong, it’ll be their problem to solve. You can concentrate on talking to visitors, representing the company and enjoying the food. Believe us, getting a square meal helps no end when you are hosting an event. So, don’t sweat the small stuff when there are people out there who’ve chosen to do that for you.


  1. They are only there when you need them

Unless you put on events regularly, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a full-time staff member in this role. Instead, you probably have a marketing team dealing with the messaging and branding for your business, and who will need outside help to complete an event brief. A great event expert will fit seamlessly into your marketing operation, and be used to working alongside established teams. They’ll be able to bring their skills to the table and give an outsider’s perspective on how to best represent your business. Your marketing team won’t have to neglect their day-to-day work just to get an event ready – they’ll be supported by a dedicated event manager, used to tackling these tasks.


At breed events, we work hard to deliver great event management services and to help companies to stage fantastic events that are memorable and engaging. If you’d like to work with us, please get in touch.